Hands Made Watchstands

All our watch stands are hand made by experienced wood turners and have a French polish and wax finish, no stain or lacquer is used. All our watch stands will darken with age which we feel, and we’re sure you’ll agree, enhances their beauty, and they will go on giving pleasure for many years to come. Our work has gained the reputation of being “Tomorrows Antiques” and over the years our products are appreciated and collected by many connoisseurs from all over the world.

The value of hand-made products should never be under-estimated. The benefits of owning an individual “work of art” manufactured by a single craftsman, makes these products priceless. Furthermore, each product is unique to you; no other piece will have the same finish, the grain layout, the same marks and beauty spots.

Your purchase will service you well for many years to come, and will be a centre piece to show-off your valued Pocket Watch.